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25 March 2017

Virtual Credit Card

Virtual Credit Card
A virtual credit card is an alternative for those who have no physical credit card and want to purchase online with a secure manner.  Where only
VISA/MASTER card limitation is applied and user has no such physical card then he can create and use virtual credit card. These cards easily can be created and used without any delay. And the use on these cards also very secure for online payment on those sites which are not familiar because using these have no risk of exposing credit limit as primary card/account details are not given to the merchant .

Features of Virtual Credit Card:-
  • ·        No any primary card/account details given to the merchant during online payment.
  • ·        Can be created only through internet banking by one time password.
  • ·        Can be created for any amount between rupees100/- to 50,000/-.
  • ·        Can be created more than one card by using internet banking.
  • ·        If user wants to cancel virtual credit card then can be cancelled by using “cancel virtual card” option. 

  • ·        Internet banking is must to create virtual credit card.
  • ·        These cards are valid up to 48 hrs.
  • ·        These cards can be used for online transaction only.

How to create Virtual Credit Card:-

Step-1:- Login to internet banking.

Step-2:- click on “e-card” option.

Spet-3:- choose account from which you want to create card and fill amount for example: - rupees 100/- and tick the box below if and now click on “generate” option.

Step-4:- now verify the details which will be on credit card and click “generate” option

Step-5:- An OTP (one time password) sent to your registered mobile fill it and finally click on “confirm” option.

Step-6:- Finally your virtual credit card has been created successfully. You can use this card as a normal credit card for online transaction.


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