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29 March 2017

Whatsapp Amazing Tips and Tricks

Whatsapp Amazing Tips and Tricks

Whatsapp is a most famous and useful android app with some cool whatsapp tips and  tricks for android. 
Whatsapp message platform provides 
us not only text messaging but also to send image, video, document and video call facility. Whatsapp working almost 
all platform i.e. Android, ios, blackberry, windows phones etc. Only one condition is required i.e. internet connectivity in phone. Whatsapp can also be used on desktop via https://web.whatsapp.com. We all know about this app how to use it but some hidden features also there of it which can be make more easy to use of this app. Some tricks and trips which 
are hidden but after learn these we
 can take more advantage. Some features of 
this app can amaze you are given below.

Send message in different format:-

1.  Add an asterisk (*) either side of the word or phrase during messaging will         
      make of that word or phrase in bold format    
                 e.g.       *bold*   >   bold

    2.    Add a underscore ( _ ) either side of the word or phrase during messaging  will make of 
            that word or phrase in italic format.
                  e.g.          _italic_   >    italic

    3.   Add a tilde (~) either side of the word or phrase during messaging will make of
         that word or phrase cross over that.
                  e.g.        ~hello~   >    hello

Instantly Know all member of a whatsapp group;-

   By typing @ in a group we can know all member instantly of that particular      
    whatsapp group.

Edit image in Whatsapp:-

We can edit any image after capture instantly by using photo editing 
option in whatsapp.


1.To Crop image:-

2.To providing sticker or smiles on image:-


      3.   For typing text on image:-


       4.  For writing on image:-

Reply to a particular message:-

To reply to any particular message in a group chat or in a single chat just press that that message 
and hold. Now on above two arrows will display one is on right side and other is on left side. 
For reply to that specific message click on left side arrow now type reply for that message.



Step 3:-                                                

Step 4:-


Use Whatsapp on Desktop:-

We can use whatsapp on desktop for this first visit on https://web.whatsapp.com/

After it open whatsapp in your phone and click on three vertical dots on 
top in right hand side, some option will appear there please select third option 
i.e. WhatsApp Web  



 after selecting this option scanner of your mobile will open.

 Now scan the QR code which is appear on your desktop (shown in 
above image) now your whatsApp start open on your desktop.

I hope you will like all tips and tricks. Please reply and if any doubt
 please mail me and subscribe my blog.


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