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30 June 2017

How To Make Your non Smart TV to Smart TV

If you have a non-smart TV and you are thinking of converting it into smart TVs. So this is a way to buy new smart TVs. But you can spend a lot of money in doing this. There are other ways, such gadgets are available in the market that can easily turn your non-smart TV into smart TVs in less money, such as Google Chromecast, Airtel Internet TV, Teewe 2, Amazon Fire TV & Stick etc. these can help you to convert into smart TVs.

Google Chromecast: -

This is a Google product. Connect it to your Wi-Fi network by plugging it into your TV's HDMI port and with the Chromecast app, you can share entertainment on your TV with smart devices such as mobile, PC or laptop etc. Chromecast has a microUSB port that provides power to it by connecting it to any USB port.

Airtel Internet TV: -

Airtel Internet TV is a hybrid DTH set-top box. Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Games, Airtel Movies and more have already been loaded in it. It can be converted to a smart TV to connect to any TV.

Teewe 2: -

Teewe is an HDMI dongle that can be used to play media files - music, video, etc. from any smartphone, tablet, laptop, and PC after plug-in with a TV or monitor. The internet can be browsed on your TV and videos of Facebook, Youtube can be streamed online.

Amazon Fire TV & Stick: -

Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick are two gadgets from Amazon. We can enjoy Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, HBO Now, plus games, music, TV episodes, and movies by connecting them with HDTV HDMI port.