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15 July 2017

LiFi: A new technology that can bring Internet in the world, it will be up to 100 times faster

  image: Google
In this time WiFi is the most popular medium of data transfer, but now a technology has been developed which can transmit data with a hundred times faster speed than WiFi. The name of this technology is LiFi, which means Light Fidelity This technique has been invented by Professor Harald Huss, who is a founder of PureLiFi. Light is used to transfer data from LiFi, it is the light that works to illuminate our homes, offices, street-spaces. LiFi is an optical wireless communication that uses infrared and ultra violet communication as well as light. You can use it to download movies, songs, games in a few seconds. In this technique, the change of intensity of light and its frequency is done in transmitting data. When the electrical supply is given on an LED bulb, then it starts shining, in the same way if we provide the current of the different intensity and frequency with faster speed on a LED bulb then it can be converted to a signal and it can be read with the help of  a receiver . By using the same technique, a user can exchange data through LiFi enabled light. If this technology becomes successful then it can revolutionise the internet world, and get rid of the problem of low speed.

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credit:- PureLiFi.com


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