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17 July 2017

"No refund, Only replacement" new policy of online marketing companies.

Today, almost all people buy something online and get some stuff. There is a reason behind this that if we do not like the thing that is invited, we can easily return it and we are refunded our money. For this reason we can buy our goods without any hesitation online. But now some companies are going to change their policies, under which  the replacement is being provided instead of refunding money, for example, Flipkart, Amazon, etc., a large company now offers replacements instead of a refund on most of its products. So if you are getting any goods online, please read their terms and conditions carefully in the case of a refund or replacement. Because if you did not like the stuff that was unknowingly bought under the replacement policy, then you will not get your money back now you  have to buy something as per replacement rule, and your money can get spoiled.
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