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18 July 2017

Your phone has some Apps that track your every movement

There are some apps in your phone that keep track of each of your movements quietly without informing you. The biggest names in it are Google and Apple, who are working to record your position and information about you right away.

If you talk about Google, then it uses these collected information to make an extremely important and popular Apple Google Map. And informs you about various things that he thinks you may be interested in, such as traffic information, nearby bank, ATM, hospital, school or local restaurant. Another important feature of this is in the name of Share Location, you can tell your friends about your exact position by using it. Still, you should only share this kind of information with your confidant.
Apple also does the job of collecting the iPhone user's status in the same way that, when needed, it can tell you everything that shows interest in you. You can see everywhere that Apple thinks you are often visiting at these places.

If you do not want to collect such information, you can make changes by going to the menu of these apps.

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source: The Independent


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